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MD Trade - your trusted dealer for consumables in the fields of hygiene and health.

MD Trade is an Austrian trading company, originally from the dental sector. We have been looking after our growing customer base since 2006.

Over the years we have continuously expanded our product portfolio from pure dental requirements. We now offer many products from general medicine and generally from the hygiene sector.

Below is a brief overview of the main product groups sold:

• Dental products - oral hygiene, impression, Cerec, fillings, dental instruments, x-rays, bone grafting material
• Disinfection - surface, instruments, prosthetics, suction, wipes (alcoholic, alcohol-free)
• Towels, toilet paper, wipes, bed cover rolls, cosmetic tissues, dispensers
• Sterile / non-sterile gloves made of latex, nitrile, vinyl, polyisoprene
• Medical instruments - disposable instruments, containers, scalpel blades, care products, scissors, filters
• Hand disinfection, washing lotion (soap), skin cream
• Wound closure - closure strips, sutures, wound adhesive
• Wound care - alginate dressing, foam dressing, plaster, hemostasis, rinsing, swabs, compresses, bandages, fixation
• OR requirements - drape, hood, face mask, coat, visitor's coat, clothing, protective goggles
• Sterilization - sterile foil, indicator, incubator
• Infusion - syringes, cannulas, lines

Our clientele includes resident doctors of all specialties, private clinics, pharmaceutical companies, beauticians, restaurants and many more.

Companies from all sectors of the economy cover their needs for hygiene and washroom products through us.

We look forward to your inquiries and orders - have fun browsing!

Here is a selection of the brands we sell.
Not all products we sell are listed in the online shop. If you cannot find a product in the shop, please contact us at We strive to get the product you are looking for or make it available in the shop .